Furry BBQ Sept 2016

BBQ Furmeet – 3rd Sept 2016

Update: BBQ is canceled due to the weather forecast. We will still be at the Spire to meet for lunch and general hanging out.

For our next meet we will be going to have a BBQ on Saturday 3rd September in the Furry Glen, the south-west area of Phoenix Park!

We will be leaving the Spire at 12:30pm to get to the Phoenix Park at 1:00pm with the meet ending around 4:30pm. You can either meet us at the Spire or in Phoenix Park itself, we recommend using the forums or telegram to let us know where and when you will be there. The BBQ will be potluck, so please bring food and drinks for yourself and to share, BBQ equipment will be provided. 18+ furs are welcome to join us at the J.C. Sweetman Craft Beer Brewery afterwards for drinks (5:30pm onwards)

We will try to run the meetup regardless of the weather, if changes are needed Twitter, Facebook and this event will be updated with details closer to the time.

Fursuit Friendly: Yes, depending on weather

Pets: Yes, allowed in the park

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The Spire to Phoenix Park Entrance

J.C. Sweetman Craft Beer Brewery (5:30pm onwards)