Coffee & Karaoke Dublin Furmeet – Saturday 25th March 2017

For our next meet we will having a drawing and coffee meetup followed by going to a karaoke bar (18+) afterwards!

We will be meeting inside Costa Coffee, 1 College Green, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 from 2pm-6pm for drawing/board-games and food.

From there we have booked two hours of Karaoke between 7pm-9pm at the Ukiyo Bar, 9 Exchequer St, Dublin 2. This leaves an hour for people to get food somewhere if they haven’t already at Costa. We have booked a room for up to 20 people but to guarantee a spot at Karaoke please add your name to this Google Spreadsheet.

The cost for the two hours will be between 6-8 euro per person on arrival depending on the number of people per room.

More info and songlist:

Fursuit Friendly: No

Pets: No (Indoors event)

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Costa Coffee 

Ukiyo Karaoke Bar 

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